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Welcome to the RECCA-CON Cosplay Information

Cosplay or costume play is the favorite event for many anime convention goers. This is your chance to show just how much you've BECOME the character! Join our RECCACon cosplay contest or come and watch. The cosplay performance will be held Saturday night of the Con.

There will be awards offered in the following catagories:

Best of Show
Best Costume
Best Portrayal of Character
Most Humorous
Best Child(under 13)
Best Skit
The judges may give their own award as well.

To enter simply download and print the COSPLAY Registration Form. Fill it out and send it in the mail to the address on the form. Hurry RECCACon cosplay is limited to 10 skits and 20 walk-ons.

There will be a rehearsal on Saturday at 4pm. This will allow us to determine the order of presentation (kids go first), confirm audio cues, get pictures and to closely inspect costumes. After the rehearsal there will be a dinner break at 6pm follow by the performance at 7pm.


1. This is an anime convention so only costumes pertaining to anime, manga, and Japanese video games will be acceptable.

2. Walk-ons and skits are both welcome. Skits are limited to 3 minutes. If you go over 3 minutes, a warning will be given to wrap things up. If the warning is ignored and the skit is still going at 4 minutes, you will be disqualified.

3. You may bring your own musical accompaniment. You may bring your own musical accompaniment. Only tapes will be accepted. Tapes must be cued to the correct place and distinctly marked which side is to be played. The following formats are not accepted: any song that containes swearing, and song that containes any sexual content what so ever. Most other songs are accepted, if you are not sure if you're song is acceptipal E-mail Tapes must be cued to the correct place and disticntly marked which side is to be played. CD's must be distinctly marked as to which track is to played.

4. Swearing, nudity or sexual situations are not appropriate content for skits or musical accompaniment and may result in disqualification. If you're not sure, email us at

5. No working weapons will be allowed. Nothing that could potentially cause any damage to any person or property will allowed.

6. Maximum number of contestaints allowed on the stage is 6. More than 6 people appering on stage will result in disqualification.

7. Any participant under 18 must have their parent sign their registration slip.

8. What goes on stage goes off with you. If you make a mess, you will have to clean it up while the audience waits for you to do so.

9. RECCA-CON and it's judges have full authority to disqualify and/or eject any party for any reason without appeal.

In this area, we might include any disclaimers or special guidelines.