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Anime Library

These are the anime apon wich you can e-mail Jason to request. Use to request anime rentals!

Ah! My Goddess
-1st tape has episodes 1-8 and Villiquist episodes 1 and 2.
-2nd tape has episodes 9-24.
Akazukin Chacha
-We have 2 tapes with 4 episodes each.
Card Captor Sakura
-We have 7 tapes with 3 episodes each
-We have the 1st movie.
Fan Service
-We have 5 tapes with 4 episodes each.
DragonBall Z
-We have just one tape.
Flame of RECCA
-We have 11 tapes with the entire series.
Fushigi Yuugi
-We have 7 tapes, 4 episodes each
Hime Chan's Ribbon
-We have 3 tapes, 4 episodes each
Hyper Police
-We have 1 tape, 4 episodes
I'll Make a Habit of It
-We have 3 tapes, 4 episodes each.
Kodomo No Omocha
-We have 7 tapes with 4 episodes each.
Legendary Galactic Heroes
-We have 1 tape, 4 episodes
Please Save My Earth
-We have 1 tape, all episodes
Revolutionary Girl Utena
-We have the whole series plus the movie.
-The first 4 episodes are in the commercial section.
Rurouni Kenshin
-We have 6 tapes, 4 episodes each
Ryu Knight
-1st tape has episode 1 of the OVA and episodes 1-3 of the T.V. series.
-2nd tape has episode 2 of the OVA and episodes 4-6 of the T.V. series.
Sailor Moon
-We have 2 tapes, 2 episodes each
-We have the R Movie
-We have the Super S Movie (No Subtitling) and now the commercial.
Vision of Escaflowne
-We have 5 tapes, 4 episodes
-It starts on chapter 9
Weiss Kreuz
-We have 4 tapes with 4 episodes each.

Commercial Anime
3 X 3 Eyes
-Special addition
Ah! My Goddess
-We have the entire series.

-Vol. 1
Bubble Gum Crisis (dub)
-Vol. 1
Bubble Gum Crisis 2040 (dub)
-Vol. 1-2
City Hunter*(dub)
-Bay City Wars
-Motion Picture
Chinese Ghost Story (dub)
Dragon Ball Z
-Garlic Jr. (Uncut)
Dirty Pair
-We have 3 tapes.
El Hazard
-Alternative World* (complete)
-Wanders (complete)
Elf Princes Rane
-We have just one tape
Fire Emblem
-We have just one tape
-We have just one tape
Giant Robo
-We have just one tape
Girl Cat Nuku Nuku (dub)
-1 tape
-Vol. 1-2
Heroic Legend of Arislan
-We have the whole series
-Only if you are REAL desperate
-We have just one episode.
Irresponsible Captain Tylor, The (Subbed and Dubbed)
-Vol. 1
Jubei-Chan and the Lovely Eye Patch
-Vol. 1
-Vol. 2 DVD
Kimagure Orange Road
-I want to go back to that day

Key, The Metal Idol
-We have the entire series.
Adults Only
-Excellent Movie
Lily CAT
-Moviebad movie.
-Castle Cagliostro
-Fuma Conspiracy
Maison Ikkoku
-Vol. 2,3,5,7
-Do you Remember Love? (Cause I Don't)
Maris the Chojo
-Early Rumiko Takahashi
Marriage (sub)
-Cute Anime about dating and getting married.
Master of Mosquiton (Dubbed)
-Vol. 1
Ninja Scroll-Ninja Resurrection (sub)
-Vol. 1-2
-1st Movie (sub)
-Vol. 1-2 (television) (sub)
Perfect Blue (sub)
-Movie that is best as an Anime.
Pretty Sammy
-The 3rd movie
Princess Rouge
-We have one tape.
Queen Emeralds
-Female Captain Harlock
Ranma ½
-Vol. 1-9
-Anything Goes...
-We have Vol. 1-2, 4-11
-We have a 2nd Subtitled Vol. 5
-Hard Battle Vol. 2-12
-Outta Control
Vol. 1-2, 4-12
-Martial Mayhem
-We have Volume 2 (disguised as one), 3-4, 8-10
-Big Trouble...
-Nihao My Concubine
-Vol. 1-6

Record of the Lodoss War
-First series Vol. 1-6
-Heroic Knight Vol. 1-9
Revolutionary Girl Utena
-Vol. 1-4
Sakura Wars
-Vol. 1-2
Serial Experiments Lain
-Vol. 1
-Vol. 2 (DVD)
-Vol. 1 (Dubbed)
-Vol. 1-8 (dub)
-Next Vol. 1-8 (dub and Sub)
Sorcerer Hunters (sub & dub)
-Vols. 1-3, 5
Sorcerer Hunters Spell Wars
-Vol. 2-4
Spirit of Wonder (dub)
Tokyo Babylon
-Vol. 1
Tenchi Muyo
-OAV Vol. 8/9
-Tenchi in Tokyo Vol. 1-8
-Tenchi In Love
-Tenchi In Love 2
Those Who Hunt Elves (dub)
-1 tape, Vol. 2
Twilight of the Dark Master (dub)
Wings of Honneamise
Vampire Hunter D (1985) (dub)
Video Ai Girl
-Vol. 1-3
-2 sets
X The Movie

-Vol. 1
Jubei Chan
-Vol. 2
-Vol. 1, see tapes
Sin, The Movie

Ah! My Goddess the Movie
-Plus Arujuna number 1.
Ayashi No Ceres
-Vol. 1-6
-Plus Tokyo Breakfast
Inu Yasha
-Episodes 1-7.
-Plus Vandread, episode 1.
-Disc one has episodes 1-3
-Disc two has episodes 4-5 Plus Hand Maid May 2-5
Hana Yori Dango
-Disc one has episodes 1-9
-Disc two has episodes 10-19
-Disc three has episodes 20-27
Love Hina
-Disc one, episodes 1-12.
-Disc two, episodes 13-23.
-Disc three, episodes 24 plus Christmas Special, Kung Fu 1
-Disc one has episodes 1-8 plus the opening and closing.
-Disc two has episodes 9-13 plus Himikoden op and Arujuna 1